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Heaven sagga accesstoinsight org, in buddhist cosmology the heaven realms are blissful abodes whose present inhabitants the devas gained rebirth there through the power of their past meritorious. Nine emperor gods chinatownology, nine emperor gods the first 9 days of the 9th lunar month is the nine emperor festival and the most visible signs of this festival are devotees dressed in white with. Who are the happy gods, an incomplete list and description of the many happy gods to be found if you are going to worship a god it might as well be a happy god.

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The hearth gods of troy or penates as they are called in latin are mentioned repeatedly throughout the epic they are symbols of locality and ancestry tribal gods. Mayan gods and goddesses crystalinks, other mayan gods and goddesses chac in maya mythology chac sometimes spelled chaac was the god of rain and thunder and important as a fertility and agriculture.