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Quizzes diesel technician society, original quizzes and tests to test your diesel knowledge. Oem software applications drew technologies, ners software has a fee of 270 there is a registration fee of 100 the odis service cd is 25 subscription cost is for hds diagnostics flashing. Automotive technician salary, as of oct 2017 the average pay for an automotive technician is 17 37 hr or 47 033 annually.

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Cobra country is the internet s largest shelby cobra information mall directed exclusively to aficionados of shelby cobras ac cobra replicas and gt40s with over 600. Dieselmann s page help for ford owners and technicians, please rate dieselmann s page out of 10 what do you think of my site enter in a score between 0 and 10 to help build a guide of top trucks webpages.