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Bmw 7 series wikipedia, the bmw 7 series is a full size luxury sedan produced by the german automaker bmw since 1977 it is the successor to the bmw e3 new six sedan and is currently in. Bmw e38 wikipedia la enciclopedia libre, el bmw e38 es la base para el bmw serie 7 de 1994 a 2001 el cual sustituye al bmw e32 en 1994 y fue sustituido por el bmw e65 e66 en 2001 el desarrollo de la tercera. E38 org bmw 7 series information and links, e38 org is the source for sharing knowledge and information about enjoying caring for maintaining repairing and owning the bmw e23 e32 and e38 7 series automobiles.

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Bmw e38 bmw 1994 2. Bmw e38 wikipedia, bmw e38 descrizione generale costruttore bmw tipo principale berlina produzione dal 1994 al 2001 sostituisce la bmw e32 sostituita da bmw e65 esemplari.